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The Poltergiest Hoodie

The Poltergiest Hoodie

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Introducing the Ultimate Protection Hoodie – designed for the modern mover who craves comfort, protection, and aesthetics in one seamless package.


  • Front Pockets: Spacious and stylish, the front pockets provide convenient storage for your essentials, keeping them secure whether you're on the move or relaxing.

  • V-Neck Cut: Experience the freedom of our specially designed V-neck, offering extra comfort and a relaxed fit, perfect for layering on those chilly mornings or winding down in the evening.

  • 360 Reflective Coverage: Stay safe and seen in any light. Our hoodie features a 360-degree reflective surface, brilliantly designed with the protective evil eye motif. Not only does it guard against bad vibes, but it also ensures high visibility during your early morning or late night outings.

  • "Bostonia" Fabric: Made from our exclusive four-way stretch premium cotton, the "Bostonia" fabric offers unrivaled comfort and flexibility. It’s soft enough for lounging yet resilient enough for cold morning runs, adapting to your body’s movements no matter the activity.

Whether you’re hitting the pavement for a brisk run or enjoying a relaxed evening at home, the Ultimate Protection Hoodie has got you covered. With its blend of high-tech features and cozy materials, it’s the perfect choice for staying warm, visible, and protected from the elements and energies around you. Wrap yourself in comfort and step out with confidence in our hoodie, designed not just for activity, but for life in motion.

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